5 Home Remedies that You Wont Believe Actually Work

December 12, 2012

A lot of us have the same attitude towards home remedies that we have towards Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy. It would have been awesome if they were real, but sadly, they’re not. Actually, not all home remedies are bulshitting you. And even though science cannot explain why many of these work, work they do, without fail, every single time. So the next time you are bothered by eczema or nail fungus, try these home remedies with unexplainable  rates of success before you rush to a doctor:

1. Oatmeal helps treat eczhema

Oatmeal has awesome anti-inflammatory properties. So if you have eczema on your facial or body skin, just make a paste of oatmeals flakes with warm water, and rub over the affected area. Keep the pack on for fifteen minutes. Alternatively you could soak three cups of oatmeal in a bucket full of water, and use the water as bathwater later.

 2. Olives curb motion sickness

One of the symptoms of motion sickness is increased salivation, which is your body’s way of protecting your teeth from vomit acid. Olives, if chewed in the early stages of nausea, tend to dry up your saliva, sending an inverted message to the brain that it should keep the pyuke on hold for now.

 3. Yogurt reduces bad breath

Bad breath might be a painless affliction, but it has crushing social effects. Bad breath caused by teeth or gum disease will probably take medication to drive away, but bad breath due to gastrointestinal problems can be gotten rid of with a bowl full of yogurt every morning on an empty stomach. Wash down your meals with spoonful of yogurt for even better results.

4. Vapor rub cures toe nail fungus

Nail Fungus on your toes is another disease that is socially crippling, and it is painful to boot. Coat the affected nails with a reputed vapor rub balm, like Vicks. You will see your nail fungus vanishing overnight.

 5. Sugar gets rid of hiccups

The only common thing about hiccup remedies is that they are hilarious. Before you listen to your friends and try to drink a glass of water while holding your nose, throw a spoonful of sugar into your mouth (unless of course you aren’t supposed to eat any sugar). Instead of chewing the crystals, suck them to make them last. There is an eight out of ten chance that a non-chronic case of hiccups will disappear before the sugar in your mouth melts away.


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