5 Things Your Dog is Trying to Tell You

January 3, 2013

My dog is my little bit of sunshine around the house. He is my best friend and the one I turn to to cheer me up when I’m down. For better or for worse, my dog can’t talk to me, but that doesn’t he isn’t constantly trying to communicate with me.

Stop petting other humans. You only get to pet ME.

Stop petting other humans. You only get to pet ME.

Most of the time, my dog is saying things with his body language I can understand, like “I’m hungry, where is my dinner?” or ” Hey humans, stop talking to each other and pet me”, but here are some other things my dog, and yours, would probably tell us if they could:

1. ” You are mine to protect”


You are MY human! Stop talking to cats, okay?

You are MY human! Stop talking to cats, okay?

 I am your dog, of course, but you are also mine. When I put my paw on you, or sit down on your feet, I’m laying claim upon you, so that some other furry four legged competitor cannot take you away from me.Because you are mine, I’m going to protect you from every stranger I see as a threat, every beast that approaches you, every inanimate objects that makes a weird noise. And to do this, I’m going to bark my head off and bare my teeth even if it embarrasses you in front of people. And for you, I could even attack an enemy that frightens me to bits.

2. ” Please don’t get mad without telling me why”

Om Nom Nom

Om Nom Nom

Look, human, I know I’m a bad boy sometimes, but I can’t behave myself unless you show me how. You need to tell me exactly what you don’t like me to do, and you need to tell me exactly at the same time I’m doing it. You don’t expect me to remember where I pee’d fifteen minutes ago, do you? It’s useless to scold me about something I don’t even remember doing, and don’t use so many long words. Just a sharp NO will let me know I’m being naughty. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop doing it, but at least I’ll know why you get mad.

3. ” What if you don’t ever come back?”

Why can't I come along?

Why can’t I come along?

When you leave the house, I get worried I’ll never see you again. I hate being without you, and you know that I get a bit crazy when I get stressed. I look for you where I can smell you and accidentally tear your clothes and shoes to shreds. Also, I poop and pee where I’m not supposed to because I hope you’ll come and yell at me, ’cause that is way better than you being gone forever. Please take some time to help me understand that you’ll be back if I wait patiently.

 4. ” I know you are sad, human”

A penny for your smile, human.

A penny for your smile, human.

Or happy, or excited, or angry. I can sense your moods better than your spouse or kids, because I can smell way better than them, and because I study every move you make. You can hug me, human. I still love you no matter what, and I can’t help automatically sharing your mood. Also, guess what, I can tell when you aren’t well, and though I don’t know how to give you painkillers or fever medecine, I can lick your face if that makes you feel better.

5. I am really BORED

Hmmm, what can I chew up next...

Hmmm, what can I chew up next…

Yeah, I may not have as many interesting hobbies as you, but I still love to do stuff. I’m not a hamster, I’m a very intelligent creature and I get bored if my mind is not stimulated enough. Please give me a lot of exercise every day. Teach me to do new things. Make sure I have a lot of things to play with. In return, I wont destroy your furniture or act up out of boredom, or wander away from home in search of excitement.

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  1. aakash on January 24, 2013 at 9:15 am

    EXCELLENT Bea !!

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