Six Excellent Cures For Hangover

December 21, 2012

It’s Friday, and the Friday before Christmas at that. Many of the people in my office are in a state of visible excitement about the long weekend ahead, and the promise of evening full of friends and alcohol. After all, if you can’t let yourself go at this time of the year, then when can you? But the problem with indulging in alcohol is the furious, bilious, murder-inducing hangover you get the next day.Woman+suffering+from+a+hangover

How nice it would be if we could drink all weekend without the horrible short term consequences. That’s far from impossible actually. Read on to get ten extremely useful hangover cures that will ensure that your Christmas morning is as awesome as your Christmas eve night.

1. Eggs


Eggs have an amino acid called Cysteine, that gets rid of hangover-inducing toxins by breaking down the acetaldehyde polluting your system. So start the morning after the party with a boiled egg or a plate of scrambled eggs.

2. Ginger tea

ginger tea


Ginger is an awesome anti-nausea agent, but don’t chew on it raw! Grind ginger to a paste or juice, and boil it with your tea, or just add it to a glass of warm water. To sweeten, instead of adding sugar, add honey, which brings us to…

3. Honey

honeyHoney is awesome when you need a sip of something that doesn’t taste foul, to soothe your head and stomach. Warm honey works best for the purpose. Keep a tiny bowl full of honey in a pot of very hot water for five minutes, then take it out and drink it. Do not try to warm the honey directly, you’ll end up burning it.

4. Bananas

BananaThe party last night really drained your body of vitamin B, particularly B6 and B12. Recharge the vitamin B level of your body with a couple of bananas. Bananas also help your body metabolise alcohol faster.

5. Prickly Pear


It isn’t readily available everywhere, but if you can get your hands on a piece of prickly pear cactus fruit, you will be rid of your dry mouth and pounding headache before you have even finished your helping.

6. Bloody Mary


It sounds weird that alcohol could actually be the cure for a hangover, but if you are throwing up food, your body will be able to keep down the Bloody Mary very nicely. The tomato helps the alcohol metabolism, and the booze helps soothe your body’s agitation.

Sounds good? Now you are armed. Feel free to go into a party, knowing you have six different ways to fight a hangover the next day.

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