Some Common Cat Diseases and How to Treat Them

March 20, 2013

Guest Post by Andy 

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Those of you who have cats are likely to treat your furry friend as a member of your family. Pets need to be loved and cared for just like humans are. If your cat is looking under the weather you will need to seek treatment as soon as possible. If he or she is behaving oddly or has an evident disease then the best thing you can do is source out the necessary cure. The only way you can do this effectively is by establishing what is wrong with your cute little kitty. Read on to discover information about various common Katter(cat) diseases, what symptoms you will notice, and what you can do to treat them as well.

Flea Allergy Dermatitis


This is a cat disease associated with skin irritation. As you may have gathered from the name of this condition, it is caused as the result of an allergic reaction to a flee bite. This can provide a huge level of itchiness for your cat. You are likely to notice that they will be scratching and biting their fur. Furthermore, you may notice scabs on your cat’s skin. There are numerous treatment options at your disposal. Depending on the level of irritation experienced your cat may be given antibiotics, antihistamines, medicated shampoo, topical medication, or hypersensitisation. The latter works to alter your cat’s immune system, this is so that the cat is no longer hypersensitive to flea antigen.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease


This is one of the most common diseases Katter(cat) seems to experience. Gastrointestinal disorders result in your cat being sick and having diarrhoea. This is not pleasant for your poor cat. However, the one good thing you should be aware of is the fact that inflammatory bowel disease can be treated quickly. If your cat has IBD then the best treatment tends to be corticosteroids. Nevertheless, you should also consider changing your cat’s diet as this is a likely contributor to the reason why the feline is suffering from the unpleasant disease. If after the treatment your cat is still being sick and having diarrhoea then you need to take it to see the vet. Unfortunately this can be a huge indication that a bigger problem is evident.

Urinary Tract Disease


Feline lower urinary tract infections (FLUTD) can be very painful for your cat and if you do not treat this then the disease can become fatal. This is because urinary tract disease can result in even bigger problems, such as bladder worm, cancer, and cystitis. There are several symptoms that will indicate your cat could be suffering from urinary tract disease, these including; pain during urination, urination in unusual places, small amounts of blood in the urine, a strong odour after urination takes place, and a notable rise in the level of water consumption. In order to treat your cat for this you should alter their diet and sourcing out the relevant antibiotics. You may need to get pain relief as well if your cat is in evident discomfort.

If you have a cat then you need to ensure you are knowledgeable about all of the diseases out there so that you can help your little pet as best as possible. There are many other viruses your cat could catch, however the three mentioned in this article are common and therefore it is good to know about them.

Author bio –  Andy is a qualified journalist. He used Hills Pet to research for this article.


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  1. Wendell A. Brown on March 21, 2013 at 5:57 am

    Awesome information Amri, thanks for sharing!

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