Ten Tips To Look & Feel Young Forever

June 8, 2013

Aging is the great tragedy of life, and it horrifies people so much that many of them spend a lions share of their wealth trying to hold on to their youth. While nobody has invented a way to keep age at bay forever, here are ten simple tips that will help you look at least twenty years younger, without risky and expensive treatments like liposuction or botox.


1. Don’t smoke- give up the habit

1 lips

Not only is smoking bad for your lungs, it prematurely ages your skin, giving you a sallow tint and  fine lines near your mouth. Now that is a good incentive to kick the butt.


2. Drink water and juices, not alcohol

orange juice

Reduce your intake of alcohol if you don’t want to cut it out altogether, and replace it with water and juices. Not only will your liver thank you for it, your system will be hydrated and you’ll build up awesome immunity.


3. Eat slow, eat less

3 meal

Studies show that eating till you are three quarters full is a great way to feel and look young. A easy way to eat less is to eat slowly, taking your time to chew and keeping gaps between mouthfuls.


4. Make garlic a part of your diet

4 garlic

Give up your prejudices against garlic and include a clove or two every day in your diet. It will do your heart and blood pressure wonders. If you don’t want to spend the day with garlic breath, eat your dose of garlic just before going to bed, and chew some pudina (mint) leaves afterwards.


5. Hemorrhoid cream for under the eyes.

5 eyes

I know this tip sounds freaky, but its quite a reliable treatment. The same ointment that is used on Hemorroids works brilliantly to keep your under eyes free of crow’s feet and fine lines.


6. Take care of your skin

6 skin

Exfoliate regularly. Get your face massaged once a month by a professional. Keep your skin moisturized Protect your skin, particularly facial skin, from the sun with a high SPF anti tanning lotion. All the effort will pay off when you continue to look 25 at the age of 40.


7. Have a Hobby that you are passionate about


We get so busy in our ambitions and our careers, we often forget that it is important to have  a life beyond the office. Any sort of hobby like reading, music, gardening, trekking, that you love doing and feel strongly about, will rejuvenate you, even if it physically tires you out.


8. Exercise regularly

8 exercise

It isn’t as obvious as you think. A lot of people believe that they don’t need to exercise because they don’t have a weight problem. Exercise keeps your joints well oiled, your muscles taut, and your body supple. It also gives your skin a healthy, youngish tint.


9.Friends, family, and pets

9 family

Spend your life surrounded by people (or animals) you love and those who love you back. The positive thoughts and feelings will keep you in love with life and feeling years younger.


10. Travel

10 travel

Widen your spectrum, see the world, eat different types of food, meet all sorts of people. You’ll stay young at heart, and that will in turn reflect on your body.

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